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Case Study United Cereal Lora Brill

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Case Study United Cereal

Harvard Case Study 1:
United Cereal: Lora Brill’s Eurobrand Challenge
When analyzing a situation, such as the one presented to us by United Cereal, there are many, many factors to take into account. Lora Brill has been saddled with the decision of whether to make some big changes to a long-term successful company in order to push the growth potential of the company to a whole new level. She has been presented much of the information she needs to make a decision of this magnitude, but with mixed results in past trials of a similar nature, Lora is not sure what to do. The first thing she needs to do before coming to her decision is to really look at the information that is in front of her. Many people make brash financial decisions based on what they feel is right at the time only to later realize their hindsight is 20/20. In other words, people, being imperfect, have a tendency to make illogical decisions based on emotion. They may make a risky investment because they had a good feeling about it, or they may get very excited about a new strategy and let their emotions get the best of them by overlooking obvious logical flaws in that strategy. For Lora, when dealing with a decision of this magnitude, she must make sure that her emotion is not weighing her one way or the other. This can be done by taking a step back and analyzing the data and information that she has and making sure she has not overlooked anything by taking a non-biased approach. One of the best ways to organize this data into an easy-to-analyze format is to make a SWOT chart. This chart will list given information in four categories: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  
Under the ‘S’ section of the SWOT chart United Cereal would list their strengths. As a company who has survived 100 years in business and even built themselves to be a global competitor in a multi-billion dollar industry, United Cereal has much strength. As a company, United Cereal is...

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