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Casual Analysis

  • Submitted by: altbkiiw589
  • on November 24, 2008
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The article “Who’s Ready for College?” by John Cloud is about remedial classes inclasses that they should not have to pay twice for someone to learn the same material. The real question is: should remedial courses be banned? Also, what are they and why are they even needed?
Remedial courses are basically a review of everything you should have learned by 12th grade (Cloud). More than 600,000 freshmen at US colleges this year have been enrolled in at least one remedial course (Cloud). , it still severely complicates things. What if students do not have the money to pay for the classes? Banning state money would mean no scholarship money or financial aid,

know, it could be a crucial factor to a student’s success. Taking away these courses and lowering student body confidence is not going to do anything other than lower the number of students even attempting to go to college, let alone staying in college. Although some states want to get rid of these courses, or not pay for them, they should seriously consider what they may do to the academic future and success of the general student body. In today’s society it is getting harder and harder to get any kind of career without a college education. Therefore, these remedial classes should not, under any circumstances, be completely taken away in my opinion. I do believe that these remedial courses should only be offered at two year colleges, but the state should continue doing what they are doing and pay for these classes for the students that cannot afford them by themselves. Remedial courses are a very strong value to an incredibly high percentage of students, and their success should be encouraged. The students should not be punished for feeling as though they need these courses.

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