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Caucasian Please! Essay

  • Submitted by: pcastro
  • on February 26, 2011
  • Category: English
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Critical Analysis of: Caucasian Please!   America’s Cultural
Double Standard for Misogyny and Racism

      In reviewing the essay, “Caucasian Please! America’s Cultural Double Standard for Misogyny and Racism,” Edward Rhymes essay poses the question: Are gangsta and hardcore rap a product of a predominantly historic white society that has demeaned women and popularized violence for centuries, or, are lifestyles of young black men influenced and shaped by the misogynistic, sexual, and violent lyrics of popular gangsta and hardcore rap music?   Rhymes is clearly in agreement with the first statement, using examples from varied types of media and exposing factors to support his theory.
      Before readers can even make any assumptions on the essay, Rhymes displays his direct and aggressive style stating,   “I will not be addressing the whole of hip-hop and rap, but rather hardcore and gangsta rap.”   From the first sentence, readers know the essay will not be a piece with hidden meanings and explanations, but will be straight to the point, and as serious as the subject matter it pertains to.   Rhymes precedes his argument in the first paragraph affirming that no one living in his home listens to hardcore or gangsta rap. He does not want readers to think he is a consumer or supporter of the controversial music. His intent with this essay is to enlighten readers on the history of the subject matter contained in the lyrics of this type of music and highlight the racial double standard of music and lyrics in modern American culture.
      The lyrics of hardcore and gangsta rap often contains dubious themes, but the author derives his theory from the general attitude of this style of music by saying: “Gangsta and hardcore rap is the product of a society that has historically objectified and demeaned women, and commercialized sex”.   His idea is well supported by familiar and popular examples throughout the essay. The comparison of sex and violence in hardcore and gangsta...

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