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Cause & Effect of Contemporary Politics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Cause & Effect of Contemporary Politics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Contemporay politics are essential for one to be aware of. Having the

knowledge of canidate's perspectives on certain issues is key to making a

decision on your vote. Whether an individual is a student or not, it is their priority

to acknowledge the opinions one is having on a certain topic and whether they

are for or against an act. Not only having an opinion, but what actions they will

take forth in either contributing or preventing a task.

Students, a tremendous number throughout the country, have the ability

to speak and be heard and without a doubt should exercise that right. More now

than ever, it is being stressed upon all young voters, not only students, to make a

difference and add to the poll because their votes in fact counts. All the younger

voters can make a change, but many take the opportunity for granted. They as

well live in this country and have rights to believe in what ever they choose. So

why not elect a person who shares your beliefs and is determined to make the

change for what they desire.

A majority of students that do not participate in the voting polls are those

which do not have an opinion due to their lack of knowledge. It is not enough to

encourage a student or any young voter to cast a vote if they don't know what it

is they're supporting. Being that they're politically ignorant, they find no

motivation to vote. Many may be in a state of confusion with the side canidates

stands on, because the burdons they face with everyday life. But they don't

realize those burdons can be lifted if they support the right people in the

government that share the same opinion on a topic such as taxes.

With the great deal of peoples belief that students should vote, then it

should also be agreed upon to have courses educating students on

contemporary politics. Universities should be responsible for preparing their

students for political issues....

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