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Cause&Amp;Amp;Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: thetruth
  • on December 8, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The day started just as any other day had. My family and I are hungry, because the owner of the home we live in is trying to kill us. He has tried many different ways. From the sticky glue trap that got my brother. To the toxic smoke of the roach fogger that took out half of our family. Now that all has failed he is trying to starve us or so we thought.
As the day went on our hunger got worse some of us as roaches do turned to cannibalism. Witch I know was part of his evil plain. He has done his research, and he wants us gone. We refuse to leave we were hear first this is our home were not going anywhere. I saw the phonebook open yesterday as he plotted with the pest control man. I wondered when and if he would come. Since the terrible fogger incident we have been sleeping in a room with outside ventilation. What he had planed was far worse.

Latter that evening we could smell the most wonderful aroma from the kitchen. He was cooking dinner for his family T-bone steak, apple pie, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. A wonderful feast that we can never enjoy, we thought to ourselves. But we had a surprise for him. As they sat comfortably to eat we all ran onto the table in broad daylight they screamed. They ran form the house crying no more they can have it they can have it, and we haven’t heard or saw them since

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