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Causes And Effects Of Studying In Els Essay

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Khaled Waleed 109 r/w

Causes and effects of studying in ELS

One day a guy from Saudi Arabia felt that he didn't have friends , bored , and

unhappy . He wanted to change his life so he did many things . It's hard to live without

knowing how to talk in English . In the world the most common language is English .

English is spoken as a native language by around 375 million and as a second language

by around 375 million speakers in the world. Speakers of English as a second language

will soon outnumber those who speak it as a first language. Around 750 million people

are believed to speak English as a foreign language . This is why speaking English

important in the world . There many causes and effects for learning English in Canada .

The first cause for learning English in Canada is loneliness . Loneliness is a bad

thing to live with . If you don't have friends it's hard for you to live . Friends are very

important because if you have problems you can't just keep it inside , you have to tell it

to a close friend , other wise you're going to burst and have mental problems . If you go

to Canada you can learn English and meet new friends from all over the world .Good

friends are the best thing to have in your life .

This guy managed to change his life by going to ELS TORONTO , when he went

there he changed almost every thing is his life . He had a lot of effects because of that .

The first effect of studying English in Canada is security . When you speak English

you can deal with almost all the problems you get in foreign countries . You can

manage any problem you get in , no body can lie to you and steal money from you , and

no one can accuse you with something you didn't do because you can't speak English .

This is why you have to learn...

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