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Cell Analogies Essay

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1. Nuclear membrane- used mesh tea infuser because just as the infuser allows the flavoring from tea leaves to pass into the water, the nuclear membrane allows genetic material to pass into the rest of the cell in order to express genes
2. Plasma membrane-used a bubble wrap because the both the plasma membrane and the bubble wrap protect their contents from being damaged
3. DNA-used a blueprint because both the DNA and the blueprint contain instructions needed to construct other components
4. Ribosome- used a television because when a ribosome is given an amino acid it turns it into a protein. This is similar to when a television is given radio signals it produces an image.
5. Lysosome- used an aspirin because both the lysosome and the aspirin contains acids that break down substances
6. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum- used a pipe system because the ER carries proteins throughout the cell just as the plumbing system carries water throughout the house
7. Mitochondria- used a battery because both the mitochondria and battery generate energy to for essential functions of the cell or electrical device
8. Vacuoles- used a bag because both the vacuoles and the bag store items for later use
9. Centriole- used scissors because just as the centrioles separate the genetic material in cell division scissors separate whatever you put between the blades
    10. cytoskeleton- used thread because both the cytoskeleton and the thread hold                         things together
      11. RNA- used a memory stick because it stores information given to it much like RNA does.
      12 .cytosol- used sugar water (film canister) because both the cytosol and the sugar water nourish the cell
      13. plastids- used a plastic bubble with paint in it to represent the chemicals held within a plastd organile.
      14. nucleolus- used computer chip because the way that a computer chip runs a computer is similar to the way the nucleous runs the cell
      15. cell wall- used box...

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