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Cell Phone While Driving Essay

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  • on March 2, 2011
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Assignment #5
  a) Explain how the community in which you worked benefited from your project.
The Spanish Town Hospital Lab has benefited significantly from the community service project which has been put in my place by the University of Technology. The lab has benefited from another person being their to help with the backlog of results and help in the completion of monthly statistics report in a timely manner.
Through my skills and past work experience I was able be more involve in the work and   also suggest ideas base on my area of study which is statistics.
  b) State whether the organization would benefit from having more CSP projects completed. Suggest the kind of activities which would assist the organization/ community in which you worked, based on your experience there.
Definitely, the organization would benefit from having more CSP projects completed. If the Spanish Town Hospital had a steady   or a set amount of volunteers from   the CSP a lot of work at the hospital could be done in a timely manner and turn around time for seeing patients would be less and the hospital and further the lab could be more efficient.
One of the area that   CSP could be incorporated on a round the clock basis is at the medical records department at the hospital.
Whenever   results leave the lab and are sent to wards and clinics on the hospital, the results should be filed in the patients’ docket, so that when the doctor is to see the patient the results should be there in the docket. This is not happening due to staff shortage and the fact that the government does not have the money to employ more staff to do these work which are crucial in the care of the patient. Instead the lab sends out the results and marjority of the time patients return from clinic saying that the nurse cannot find there results and the lab should offer them a copy of results. This is a major problem for the lab, staff have to go back to log sheet to copy results that was already sent out,...

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