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Ces Ler Essay

  • Submitted by: cslerner
  • on December 5, 2011
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All the people in my audience are college students and most of them are women.   In order to do my audience analysis, I asked the eighteen students who were present on October 29, 2010 to answer three questions.
One question required a yes or no response, one involving ranking, and the other was an open-ended question.   For my fixed-response question, I asked how many audience members had ever made a candle. Eight out of 18 students said they had made at least one candle.. For my question that involved ranking, I asked the students how many of them knew anything about the history of candle making. The response choices were nothing, a little bit, or a great deal.   Three of the students said they knew a little about it and the rest said they knew nothing. Finally, for the open-ended question, I asked if they thought they knew the hardest part of making a candle. Each student had to provide his or her own answer.   Only one of the18 knew that the hardest part of candle making is to keep wax from overheating.
The information I obtained helped me to write my informative speech. Since the majority of my classmates had never made a candle before, I provided them with new information (175) when I discussed the directions and materials needed for melting wax and creating a candle.   I also found out that my classmates did not know much about the history of candle making.   Because my classmates were not familiar with this history (175), I decided to include some facts about the materials that were used to make the first candles and to note when the first candles were made.   I took into account that only one person knew that melting the wax is the hardest part of candle making. Because of that, I included information about some of the ways to keep the wax at a reasonable temperature.
I think it is important for the speaker to obtain as much information as possible about the audience when the speaker intends to give an informative speech.   I know the audience gave me...

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