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Chamberlain had been promoted to Col. Essay

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Chamberlain had been promoted to Col. by the summer of 1863 and was ordered to march the 20th Maine northward in pursuit of General Lee and the confederates.   On the evening of July 1, 2003 they started a forced all-night march from Hanover Pennsylvania and reached the outskirts of Wolf Hill near the town of Gettysburg.   With the other corps of the Army of the Potomac, the 20th Maine was placed in the rear of the right of the Union line, which resembled a giant upside down fishhook.   At this time Chamberlain allowed his men a brief but grateful rest.   It was here that Chamberlain faced the duty of addressing the rebellious soldiers assigned to him because they had been mustered out of the old 2nd Maine.   They were a group of soldiers whose enlistments had not expired but refused to carry arms and would not fight.   They had been arrested and placed in a prisoner of war camp.   Col. Chamberlain showed great initiative in his handling of these men and the situation.   These men had been led to believe by their recruiting officer that they would be discharged with the regiment at the end of their term of service.   In their excitement they did not notice that what they actually signed were enlistment papers for 3 years of service.   When they were held in the field after the discharge of the regiment they refused to do military duty.   These soldiers were then placed in a prisoner camp to await court martial.   They were further outraged when the Secretary of War assigned them to the 20th Maine.   Col. Chamberlain was ordered to make them do their duty or shoot them down the moment they refused. Chamberlain did not want to shoot these men as he believed with proper motivation they could be an asset to his regiment.   He took the initiative to find out about their situation and devised a method to handle it.   Chamberlain addressed these new men and explained to them that “they should be treated as soldiers; that they should lose no rights by obeying orders and that he would...

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