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Chanel Essay

  • Submitted by: zack
  • on December 8, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Chanel is one of the richest company’s around. Chanel has had its very bumpy rides, but has learned how to have social responsibility. Chanel has also learned how to have a smart business. Chanel started out as a very small business. She started off   working in a store that made soldier uniforms and tailored rich peoples clothes. One day a big lady came in and said that she didn’t like her dress. Chanel was just one of the people that worked there and she wasn’t supposed to talk to any of the customers. But she didn’t care. She didn’t like that dress either so she opened her mouth to her boss and the woman and fixed her dress. The woman was very happy and told the boss that she thinks chanel should be promoted. Her boss didn’t listen. Chanel kept working there and just kept making soldiers uniforms. Until one day a soldier came in and noticed her. He asked her on a date and she went out with him. He fell madly in love with her and made her quit her job and move in with him. She stopped making things for a little bit but then she started making hats. Chanel and the soldier that she had   moved in with   never got married. He had a friend that Chanel fell in love with. He also fell in love with her. The soldiers friend realized how chanel stopped making hats and encouraged her to start making them again because he realized how good she was at making things. The soldier died and Chanel went to live in his apartment in Paris. When she moved there she started making hats again. She later met up with the soldiers’ friend and he bought her, her own store. He said that he would provide the money and she would have to make the hats. Everybody who was anybody came to buy one of these hats. Chanel became one of the biggest in fashion with her hats. Everybody loved them. They worked together on that. It worked out perfectly until she moved away again. She opened up another store that she worked with her old friend that she worked with before when she was making soldiers...

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