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Change Attidue Essay

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What do people   think about nature in civilized societies? They   do not care about nature that much since technology has developed .   Altough nature is our life-support system, people who are addicted to technology in civilized societies do not know damages that they give nature, they do not care them., whereas nature is necessary for   developing the technology. We need to change our attitude because attitude that we have now must not be enough to give up the damaging of nature. For this issue, Albert Einstein tells that “We need an essentially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive. Men must radically change their attitudes towards each other and their views of the future.… Today, we do not have much time left; it is up to our generation to succeed in thinking differently. If we fail, the days of civilized humanity are numbered(Wilber 136).”   That we need is studies about developing the nature. We should do something like ecofriendly life in order to   survive in the nature and the best way for this is to start with people in charge.

We need life like primitive life, if we do   not want anymore to destroy the nature which is necessary for us. When number of human increases in the world, nature is exposed more destruction. People use it more. To prevent this, we need to change this attitude towards nature. We need to be aware of importance of nature. Turning back to primitive life can be best way for this. I do not   suggest   that we should live exactly primitive life. That I suggest is that we should have a life similar to primitive societies. Primitive people interested hunting and gathering to survive, but we do not need them to survive because ,to survive, technology helps us. So, we cannot give up it. In life which I suggest, people save the world by living eco-friendly or primitive life. It is possible because when they live like that, they must use eco-friendly products. In primitive societies, there was not technology and their...

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