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How To Change Oil Essay

  • Submitted by: lowdime
  • on December 7, 2008
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I am no mechanic, but when it comes to changing the oil in my vehicle, I follow a few simple precautions, gather some tools, and buy the supplies.   I have never been a person who likes to pay someone to do anything that I am capable of doing myself.  
Safety is paramount in anything I am doing with a vehicle.   Before I begin to change the oil, there are some precautions to ensure my safety.   I begin by placing wheel blocks behind the rear tires on my vehicle.   Next, I will find my mechanics gloves and place them on my hands.   Now, I want to make sure I have the proper socket to remove the drain plug, a socket wrench, oil drain pan, and oil filter wrench.   Once I have my safety equipment and proper tools.   I begin by first using either a car jack or a floor jack to raise the vehicle off the ground.   Once I have reached the proper height with the jack, I slide the jack stands under the vehicle and find a firm, stable place to locate them on the frame.   I then lower the jack slowly after I have the jack stands positioned.   I do not get under the vehicle if I do not have jack stands.  
In order for me to change the oil after the car is on the jack stands, I run my vehicle for roughly five minutes until it has reached operating temperature.   I then place the oil drain pan under the oil pan of the vehicle.   After running the engine and getting my tools within arms reach, I climb under the vehicle, being careful not to touch hot surfaces such as exhaust pipes and the oil pan with my bare hands or arms.   I place the socket onto the oil drain plug that is located at the back of the oil pan.   I remove the drain plug slowly because the oil that comes out will be hot and I may not know from which direction it may flow.   After I remove the drain plug completely I let the oil drain for thirty minutes.   Then I replace the drain plug and remove the oil filter making sure the drain pan is now under the oil filter.   Using the oil filter wrench I remove the oil filter from the...

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