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Chaotic Middle Ages Essay

  • Submitted by: starryari27
  • on December 6, 2011
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The Chaotic Middle Ages

Society relies heavily on three factors: social, economic, and political stability. Without these factors, even the most successful country in the past can only scrape by at best. During the Middle Ages, all three factors were particularly lacking in sufficiency. Of course, there are always some positive aspects with negative ones, but during the Middle Ages, the detrimental results outweighed the favorable. The weaknesses of social, economic, and political aspects during the Middle Ages are what ultimately lead countries in the time period to an unsuccessful existence.

During the Middle Ages, there was social conflict and tension between countries, portions of countries, religious groups, and social classes. On a larger scale, a worldwide matter, the Crusades, was a result of competition arousing conflict. The Crusades had a huge impact on the Jews living in Jerusalem at the time, since outsiders were fighting over their homeland. A unique aspect of the Crusades that was not as prominent in the past was that the Crusades were not wars fought only between two sides; there were many players in the game of the Crusades. This made the wars even more chaotic than they already were for the Jews, and many different locations during the Crusades were destroyed and ransacked. This is also true for the Hundred Years’ War. The Hundred Years’ War destroyed both England and France as an outcome. After so many years of fighting, there was no way that either of the countries could have been left in a solid state. Tension and conflict between religious groups also resulted in social debility. An example would be Rome and the Great Schism between the east and the west. Because of the conflict of religion, the east and west decided to split, thus weakening Rome as a whole. As well as religion, there was also constant tension between social classes. Nobility were the people directly under the royal court, so the nobility had unfair benefits over...

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