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Chapter 4: The Presidency Essay

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The Presidency
• Foundations of the Modern Presidency
o Duties of a president
• Leadership
• Deal with foreign affairs
• Command in wartime
• Enforce the laws
o President can run the military, but Congress declares war, unless there is a surprise attack.
o Power to accept or veto laws
o “To do anything that the needs of the Nation demanded unless such action was forbidden y the Constitution” Teddy Roosevelt.
o The president has taken over the act of addressing the US’s responsibilities in the world because Foreign Policy requires decisions to be made quickly, while congress takes time to deliberate
o Americans look toward the president, and not to congress for the answer to foreign problems
o The president sets up small institutions to deal with federal departments and agencies budgets, and form them into a budget proposal which is later given to congress
o President’s role has grown in education, health, welfare, safety, and environment protection.
• Choosing the President
o Each party in every state has a representative who casts an electoral vote if their party wins that state in the popular vote
o Each state gets 2 electoral votes.
o To win, there must be 270 electoral votes
o Only 3 presidents have become president after losing the popular vote
o When a nominee is running for office, they must have a strong start and build support during the campaign.
o The candidate must raise a significant amount of money prior to the primaries in order to have a real chance at winning the election.
o Candidates rely on political commercials and television shows to help gain support
o Use advertisements to point out the negativity in the opposing candidate
o Televised debates can influence voters and have a great impact on the race.
o President must be 35 years old, a US citizen, have been a resident for at least 14 years, and have held a form of high public office.
• Staffing the Presidency
o Appointees must be able to make...

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