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Character Changes Essay

  • Submitted by: gregoryj90
  • on December 5, 2011
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Gregory Johnson
May 30, 2011
6th Period- English II Honors
Ms. Ryan
Character Changes
Perry and Peewee exited out of the hospital and breathed a sigh of relief. Their breath still smelled of the anguish and war that they had just left days before their discharge. After months of being in combat with the ruthless Vietcong the two soldiers could not be any happier to finally touch ground that was not war ground. As they made their way to their terminal so they could go home, countless thoughts illuminated their minds. No one on the outside world could possibly have any idea as to what these two soldiers have gone through over the past months. The effect of being in the war has physically and mentally rocked these two soldiers and all the other soldiers’ lives the war touched.
To start it off, the Vietnam War was one of the most grueling wars in this nation’s history. It changed and affected the lives of many different soldiers and their respective families regardless of what side they fought for. In the novel Fallen Angels, Perry was among one of these many soldiers that did indeed change over the course of his term in Vietnam. “I just told him that the war was about us killing people and about people killing us, and I couldn't see much more to it” (Myers 269). Before Perry had enlisted in the war, he shuddered at the thought of just a dead body. Now, he was in the army killing people and watching people get killed on a regular day basis and not even thinking twice about it. In fact, at the beginning of the text Perry was a little inexperienced and did not start off too well in the area of combat. He just really could not seem to get it right. He made rookie mistakes such as constantly forgetting to put his gun on safety when not in use and placing claymores in the wrong direction. One time even he forgets to load a clip into his gun. That rookie mistake could have been enough to get someone killed if it had not had been for his great company he was...

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