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The Chase Essay

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  • on December 6, 2008
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In Annie Dillard’s essay “The Chase,” the writer begins the essay by informing the reader that as a child she was received willingly to participate in games with the boys of her neighborhood. In the summer time, they would play baseball and football. In the wintertime, the game they choose to play was throwing snowballs at vehicles as they drove by. The neighborhood boys, Mikey and Peter Fahey, Chickie McBride, Billy Paul, Mackie Kean and Dillard decided to play that game on a snowy winter morning after Christmas. The children waited with anticipation as a black Buick proceeds towards them. They release their snowballs, hitting the driver’s windshield thus beginning the chase. The six children split up, leading the driver to pursue Dillard and Mikey Fahey. The driver chases them for what seems like an eternity to Dillard, through their neighborhood.   He finally captures the two of them and proceeds to scold them.   In “The Chase,” Dillard demonstrates the impact an innocent child’s game can have on an adult.  
Dillard intrigues the reader with her vivid memories of the events of that winter day.   She provides tiny details for the reader like, “He didn’t even close the car door.” (9). One might say that particle action by the driver is insignificant. Dillard gives the reader that little information to establish her awareness of every deal of that day. She offers the reader a complete understanding of the scene and her emotional aspect of what was happening with a play-by-play of the chase. “He chased Mikey and me around the yellow house and up a backyard path we knew by heart: under a low tree, up a bank, through a hedge, down some snowy steps, and across the grocery store’s delivery driveway.”(12) Those intense characterizations give one the feeling of being there, in the chase, with Dillard and Mikey.
Dillard takes the reader through of her impression of the driver. The driver is transformed from her enemy chasing her to her hero capturing her. At the...

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