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Cheating In College Essay

  • Submitted by: Tru1989
  • on December 4, 2011
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Trudy Tinsley
Professor Miller
Enc 091
21 November 2011
Cheating is a problem that affects many students at some point in their education. There are different types of cheating, including the following: plagiarizing, copying homework, looking at another students test, and so on. It does not matter how good of a grade a person may get on a test, cheating is wrong. Nothing good can come from cheating. Some students cheat because they are afraid to fail, or wish to get better grades. It is simple, you know the material you are taking a test over or you do not. There is no excuse for cheating.
Students cheat because they may be stressed due to a lot of homework, and did not have the time to study, so the student will turn to cheating. Also, a student may have forgotten about a test, and want to keep their grades up. Another reason may be because that person is afraid to fail. That student feels pressure to do well, and will do anything to keep their grade up. As well, a person who cheats is lazy; they did not study, and want a quick A. Furthermore, someone wishing to get better grades may turn to cheating.
The consequences of cheating can affect a person greatly. When a student gets caught cheating they will receive a automatic failing grade. People who cheat may get kicked out of the class or even worse, expelled from school. Additionally, a person who decides to cheat has not really learned anything. A student who copy’s someone else’s homework, and then a test will be given over the material, that student is unknowledgeable, and most likely will fail. Consequences of cheating vary; from being expelled to just knowing that deep down that person has done wrong.
There are different versions of cheating. Plagiarizing, copying another students homework, cell phone cheating, getting test questions and answers from a student in a previous class, just to name a few. Students will steal, and buy papers from the internet, and turn them in as their own....

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