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Chicano American Studies Essay

  • Submitted by: jcano_60
  • on December 7, 2008
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Do we all have the need to feel better than another, or is it the vast ignorance a person may have just to comfort themselves. Why is there a need to feel superior to the next person. In today’s world there are many ways to feel superior to the other, such as the color of your skin, the amount of money you have, and your own race. It makes me wonder sometimes are all men created equal, or do you need the money and the right skin tone to have that right.
During the Mayan Empire, people lived somewhat peacefully, rich in its art and architecture. Mayans never relied on borders to keep them apart, the depended on themselves to enhance their own society. According to many present day American history textbooks Mayans were looked upon as being savages, and as having demonic like rituals. When the Spanish arrived, that changed the entire way the Mayans lived. Borders and Christianity were introduced to them. The Spanish wanted to be superior to the Mayan, So they took their land converted their religion and changed their way of being. The Spanish had relations with some of the Mayan women which brought upon the mestizos.
It is not right that in today’s society such as the media make people with lighter skin seem in many ways better than a person with darker skin. Skin doesn’t make you who you are, yet there is still plenty of racism going on to this day. America is such a diverse country that we do have a lot of different races and ethnicities and America should learn how to appreciate that and not try to change that. People come to this country and try to better themselves, and I’m sure they don’t want to be made fun of because of their race and their skin tone. If we continue to do this to our people then we will only make more room for more crime, what I would hopefully like to see and continue to see from Chicanos is for us to stand up for ourselves and stop settling. We need to strive and reach for our ultimate goal. As Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta did...

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