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Chickens Essay

  • Submitted by: judyjudy
  • on December 9, 2008
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Food, Water, Clean Coop, Roaming Area,
that's all there is to caring for chickens.
It's easy and fun!

I guess I'll start with what's in the coop.
Floor: I use woodshavings on the floor. Thinner in the summer and thicker in the winter. I clean out the coop completely of all litter a few times a year. Before I put down wood shavings, I sprinkle lime on the floor to help neutralize odors . For lice and mite control, I use Diatomaceous Earth on the floor, on the roost shelves, and in the nestingboxes. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, non-chemical insecticide that is safe for pets and people. But if you have a problem of lice and mites that requires the chemical insecticides, here is a link for different chemical remedies: Chemical Insecticides

Nesting boxes: I put straw in their nesting boxes. I change it whenever it looks like it's getting dirty. I put in a good amount, they always rearrange it into a nice nest. When I have hens that are starting to lay, I put fake eggs or golf balls in the nests. They seem to get the idea that's where they should lay their eggs. But I still have a couple of young hens that like to lay in the corner on the floor.

Roosts: We made shelves above the nesting boxes that catch the night droppings when they're roosting. I used to put wood shavings on that also, but I found that using cat litter is easier and less wasteful. I use a slotted cat litter scoop to separate the droppings from the litter. In the fall, I put the dropping in my garden in the fall. The other times of the year, I just dump the bucket in the woods. When I used wood shavings, I would have a huge pile at the end of winter. Now it's hardly noticeable.

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