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Child Beauty Pageants Are Dangerous Essay

  • Submitted by: gidgetobri
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Child Beauty Pageants Are Dangerous
The old saying goes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, someone or something that is considered attractive to one person may not necessarily appeal to another. If we lived in a perfect world, maybe everyone would follow the wise words of this old saying and admit that evaluating beauty is a biased practice. Beauty pageants are a needless aspect in society simply because they put a big emphasis on money, set unrealistic beauty standards for easily influenced young girls, and they encourage judging on appearance, rather than on a person's character.
The pageant business is a major money making industry.   In an article by David

Casstevens in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram titled “More Children Stepping Into Beauty

Contests, Drawing Controversy” he breaks down the costs of an Austin, Texas pageant,

“$890-entry fees, $100-contest formal wear expense (varies to $1000 plus), $200-

hair/make-up services by licensed professional(optional), $198-hotel room (2 nights, plus

tax)” (Casstevens 4).   These are not the only things that cost money for the pageant but

these were the most expensive.   Already there is over one thousands dollars in costs and

if the children want to succeed then they must have all of these benefits and more.   Not

only do the competitions cost a large amount of money but they also cost the children

their confidence and other emotional issues.

    Competitions claim to boost self esteem and encourage self confidence but they do the opposite if you are not the winner.   The pressure of winning put on them by their parents causes more stress than normal children would have to handle.   An article in Current Events titled “Kids on the Catwalk?” states, “Some psychologists say pageants for kids are inappropriate. ‘Pageants force children to focus too much on themselves,’ says psychology professor Tovah Klein. ‘They’re not good for peer relationships, either. They tell...

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