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child development Essay

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Jean Piaget, was a Swiss Philosopher who was born in the year 1896. He developed the Theory of Cognitive Development which provided concepts in the field of developmental psychology which also included the growth of intelligence. This according to Piaget, represented the ability to “accurately represent the world and perform logical operations on representations of concepts grounded in interactions with the world” (Wikepedia). Included in his theory is the emergence and construction of schemata, which involves schemes of how individuals may percieve the world in “developmental stages”, which are times when children are receiving different ways of mentally representing information. This theory is considered “constructivist”, meaning that, it asserts that we are constructing our cognitive abilities through self-activated action in this world.
Piaget was awarded the Erasmus Prize, for his development of the theory.
Piaget believed that children came to understand the world through four periods. The stages involved were the sensorimotor period, preoperational period, concrete operational period and the formal operational period.
In the sensorimotor period which is the first of the four periods stated above which according to Piaget is the stage that “marks the development of essential spatial abilities and understanding of the world in six substages” (Wekpedia) which are the reflex scheme stage: this occurs from time of birth to one month of age and is associated with the development of relexes. The second sub-stage, is primary circular reaction phase: this occurs from one month of age to four months of age and is associated with the development of habits. The third sub-stage, is the secondary circular reactions phase; this occurs from four to eight months of age and is associated with the development of coordination between vision and prehension. The fourth sub-stage is called the co-ordination of secondary course...

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