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Childhood Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: Linda877
  • on March 2, 2011
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Eng 101-923
Linda Hung

Childhood Memory

When I think back on my childhood, I always reminisce it with nostalgia. I have many fond memories of us my younger siblings and I playing in our backyard, climbing trees to pluck fruits, going to a small stream. Of all the memories, one particular memory is very impressive to me that is crabbing in a small stream in the summer.
My first time catching crab happened when I was ten or eleven years old in the summer of my hometown, China. My two younger siblings went to the small stream very often than me, so they were more experienced in crabbing. They taught me how to crab in the small stream. The only thing we need for crabbing is a bucket, we do not need trap because the crab is only a thumb big, and we catch it using our hands. The first thing we did in the small stream was playing with water to cool ourselves. Then we walked along the stream to search for crabs. The crabs usually hide under the stone in the hole. I caught my first crab with the help of my younger siblings. They taught me to press the back of the crab quickly, then to hold its claw to avoid bitten. I did not master the skill until I got bitten twice.   It was painful but I was happy.
My two younger siblings and I found great joy playing in the small stream, because it had great attraction for us. There were farms and orchards around the small stream. I always view them when I get tired in crabbing. Some adventurous boys caught small birds resting on the branches of orchard trees; some farmers plowed across the land, and some peasants were harvesting fruits in the orchards.
The impression and experience of crabbing is forever. It is a period full of fun, frolic, and innocence. It was long time before I went to crabbing in New Jersey in the summer of 2009, but it was a totally different experience from my childhood. The crab in New Jersey is five times bigger than the crab in my hometown, and its color is blue instead of red. Also, it is a not a...

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