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Children and Television Essay

  • Submitted by: funkymonkey23
  • on December 9, 2008
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Children and Television
For several years there has been much debate concerning the affects television may have on children.   Since then researchers have conducted many experiments, ranging from measuring behavior disorders in children to childhood obesity, in order to verify that television is indeed the cause of these issues.   As I read about many research cases that have been conducted, I was shocked at some of the results that came from these studies.   The issue on television and its affects on children, interests me because I too have personally experienced some of the affects from television.   Even though researchers have yet to prove that television is indeed a major contributor to many problems, or issues, concerning children, I believe that television plays a big role in many of these cases, such as violence in or society, obesity in young children and academic issues among children.
In today’s modern world, violence displayed in the media is shown frequently to million and millions of viewers every day, especially to children. According to studies conducted by George Gerbner, at the University of Pennsylvania, children’s television shows contain about twenty violent acts each hour.   These acts of violence can often be seen in popular television shows and in most movies.   In fact, children who watch television and go to the movies see thousands of murders, fistfights, martial arts battles, knifings, shootings, exploding cars, bombs and other countless acts of violence.   As we all know, children are known to imitate all that they see, especially if it was shown on television.   In addition to violent acts shown on television, an increase of violence in our society has occurred as well throughout the years.   Such violent acts are the school shootings that have taken place for the past decade.   Once of these school shootings that I personally remember was the Columbine High School shooting, which took place on April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado. On that...

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