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China Essay

  • Submitted by: american_kukla
  • on December 14, 2008
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Below is an essay on "China" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the article Understanding China by Kishore Mahbubani , Mahbubani focuses on how

China after so long of not participating in the international realm is slowly making its

way back in .China being out of the realm for so long and only now starting to be

involved has realized that many   nations have been making it harder for China to get

involved. “CHINA TODAY is like a dragon that, waking up after centuries of slumber,

suddenly realizes many nations been trampling on its tail”. Over the past few decades

China’s economy has boomed up and China itself is starting to develop like the western

world . Mahbubani is saying that America should embrace China’s increasing prosperity

and not oppress it. If China continues to follow Washington’s rules peace and stability  

could continue and   America itself may benefit from China’s increasing prosperity.  

Mahbubani also states that The United States for some reason is doing more to

destabilize China’s grow than any other nation. And China is threatened by this because

they know America has many ways of destabilizing them and China on the other hand

has no means of ever coming close to destabilizing America in any way.

    Over the past two decades China has outpaced almost all other economies and for it

to continue to grow the sophisticated elite have to manage their economy so all their

gains do not go to waste and continue to flourish. China is not perfect large poverty still

is present , corruption is still nationwide .China has a lot of work to do until they catch up

with the western world maybe not in economics but definitely in social and local issues.

In my opinion America is so frightened by China becoming a super power and America

losing its power over the world they   rather approach China’s success as a threat then

welcoming it as friend in which they both can work together and gain from each other.

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