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Chinese Cultural And Technological Assessments Essay

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Cultural and Technological Assessments
It becomes important to understand the entire image of the region when preparing to launch a new facility in a vast and unique country such as China.   Among those determinations are the cultural and technological proponents that will ultimately influence business.   These areas need to be examined, ensuring effectiveness and the potential success of the products and services being established.   In our analysis of China’s cultural and technological benefits, we have attempted to understand the role and trends in these areas.   This provides an opportunity to recognize the regional significances our products and services in the immediate region.   Therefore, a locale of preservation will present itself, allowing more success with the community participation.

The cultural and technological aspects aid in the determining the shape of technology and how China’s inhabitants will respond to the products and services we may introduce.   Studying these aspects will provide a roadmap for understanding future participation and success.   Assessing the cultural and technological benefits could determine the usage of our products.   Also, this will aid in the marketing and developmental strategies needed for our successful integration into the Chinese community.   Furthermore, this will determine to what extent governmental control exists in the region and how best to penetrate the such a market.

Cultural Assessment
Before marketing our medical products to the Chinese people as a whole, it is best to understand how Chinese culture influences all areas of the marketing process.   From packaging, to the labels, down to the way it is promoted.   When marketing a product, it is important to be familiar with the factors that influence buying decisions, such as geography, age, culture, education, and wealth.   An example of such a factor would be using inauspicious numbers or colors.   In the Chinese culture certain usage of these can cause...

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