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cholera in Asia Essay

  • Submitted by: nikki232425
  • on December 8, 2008
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The Story of the Body Invader
When discussing history, one must always tell it as a story. Since it is a tale of the past, there is always a beginning, middle and an end; a preface, a climax and a conclusion. The story of the disease stricken continent Asia and the hardships faced in the 19th century in that great continent begins with the people and ends with the government. The people of Asia would be considered the main character, the protagonist in search of enlightenment, heroism, and simply the right answers. Western Medicine and the Asian doctors, who invested in the new knowledge, are other characters in the story who come into play as the heroes. The almighty mentors that had the cures for the diseases, the answers to the problems and the means of delivering it to the people. Then there is the antagonist whom is played by the Asian government, an authority that takes the answers from the heroes to impose their powers too far onto the actual bodies of their people. Of course, as in every story, the characters can be notably argued. For instance, many can presume the Asian government can be the hero, helping to save a society from a future of destruction. This story however, is here to tell a tale of another government that took it too far. The puritans took the lands from the Native American Indians, the British took the lives and culture of the Africans and the Asian government took the bodies of their people. Through the power of the state law, the Asian government in the 19th century colonized lands and societies as well as the bodies of the individuals living in the societies. In a pursuit of aggrandizing their country, and managing the colonization of the body, the Asian government used public health laws to accomplish their goals.
In the mid 19th century, Japan was an untouchable country. No foreign power could even invest their interests there, because by laws of the governing body they simply could not enter the ports. However, as stated by Ann...

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