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Christopher Columbus Essay

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Have you ever had a friend that gets all the credit for what he has not done? Christopher Columbus born 1451 and died 1506, he was an Italian navigator. Many believe that he was the first to find the America’s or discover the land. He seems to get lots of credit for what he supposedly had done.   I believe he has gotten way to much credit for something he has not done. I believe he did lead to the discovery but I do not believe he founded the land himself.

Christopher Columbus main voyage that helped in the discovery started out in 1492 when most of the population was seeking wealth from the establishment of trade routes and colonies. Christopher was ready to sail but needed a certain amount of money. So he decided to go talk to the queen, which was queen Isabella of Spain at the time. Queen Isabella liked the fact that Chris was trying to find a path into Lucrative, which was a big spice trade time for the time being there in Lucrative.

Christopher’s father was Domenico Colombo a middle-class wool weaver, who later also had a cheese stand where Christopher spent his childhood helping him. His mother was Susanna Fontanarossa. He also had 4 brothers Bartolomeo, Giovanni, Pellegrino, and Giacomo.  

On his first trip he sailed for Kind Ferdinand 11 and Queen Isabella of Spain. The trip consisted of three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. With approximately 90 crewmembers. They sat sail Aug. 3, 1492 from Palos and on October 11, 1492 spotted the Caribbean islands off southeastern North America. Where captured many Indian’s and sold them for slavery.   The Second Trip was much larger Sept. 25, 1493 he sailed with 17 ships and about 1,500 crew workers. He ended up on the southern side of Cuba. The Third Expedition may 30, 1498 Columbus sailed farther south to Trinidad and Venezuela. The Fourth Trip which was his last May 9, 1502 Columbus sailed to Mexico, Honduras and Panama.

I do not deny that he was there or he did not step foot. But...

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