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church controlling science Essay

  • Submitted by: nkilzifc117
  • on October 28, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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It is no fabrication that the church had an immense grip on society.   People believing that the only true happiness would come in heaven when we would truly understand god and be happy.   It did make a lot of people feel comfortable throughout the day but it   had an immense impact on the sciences.   I think that we could easily have been much farther ahead in some technologies without the church interference burning books and advising against certain fields for a more pious route.   This is evident in many scripts in which people refer to the bible to try and explain our universe in which i give credit to some of their findings that seem to be somewhat true but trying to use the bible to explain certain objects like the sun, stars and other astronomical things is not a good idea.   The scary thing is that a lot of these texts written in the thirteenth century went almost unchanged until the scientific boom of the sixteenth and seventeenth century.   With the earth being the center of the universe and stars just objects such as the moon reflecting our suns light.   Religion basically cut out what we should do how we should live our lives, what it meant to be good people and how the universe works in god's plan.   I think that if people with religious control and power weren't as powerful and didn't have as much of a grasp on almost everything that we would be much farther ahead in learned things such as science.
Thomas Aquinas's works on astronomy alone can tell you the influence that the church had, trying to rationally explain the cosmos with the bible as a guide a bible that mainly just explains about the creation of heaven and earth with little detail so there was a little artistic interpretation to say the least.   (pg. 112)"Aquinas endeavored to christianize the physical and moral principles of aristotle and to analyze and investigate the "true" meaning and purpose of man and his society" instead of expanding on different classics Aquinas decided to use christian...

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