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CInesthetic Sickness Essay

  • Submitted by: poussinpanofsky
  • on December 15, 2008
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William Miller
FEA 401 (Wed)
The Cinesthetic Sickness
The cinesthetic moment in film has been something that has affected me at times about as much as humanly possible. The ability of moving images on a screen to elicit such intense visceral reactions from me have been proven time and again. While one made me physically sick and the other branded my synapses, the films I Know Who Killed Me and Requiem for a Dream are two of the most powerful films I have experienced in cinesthetic fashion.
I Know Who Killed Me is a very poor horror film starring Lindsey Lohan. The film in general is absolutely terrible and yields no intellectual merit what so ever. It actually even holds the record for winning the most “Golden Raspberry” (an anti-Oscar of sorts) awards of all time.   While the film lacks in story, depth and just about anything else, it makes up for all of that with its brutally graphic imagery. There are scenes where Lohan, (who plays the part of both stigmatic twins, one who is victim of a murder) is recalling events of her sisters murder that eventually led up to me having to leave the room and go throw up. These extreme close-up/jump cut sequences include fingers being cut off with dull knives and other horrible acts that would culminate in being killed after weeks of being tortured we very hard to watch. Lohan’s incredibly vivid acting combined with the unnecessarily graphic imagery to form the perfect storm of repulsion. I am definitely one who has to look away from these types of scenes in movies due to my weak stomach, but in I Know Who Killed Me something kept my eyes glued to the screen. The shear brutality of what I was watching kept me focused and elicited the response it was going for I believe.
Requiem for a Dream caused a much different reaction than Lohan’s film. While also graphic and disturbing, it was not the type of movie that made me sick but rather made me feel exactly like the characters on screen felt. The many sequences of drug use...

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