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Citizen Kane Essay

  • Submitted by: rizirich
  • on February 22, 2011
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Name- Khan Rizwan
Prof- R.L Rutsky
Course- Cine 203
Date- December 10, 2010
Cinematic illusions of Citizen Kane (1941)
          The opening shots of a film are remarkable elements in order to define the story. In this opening scene, the meticulously planned camera, astounding lighting techniques and the magical editing style defines the story plot in a captivating way. These shots make this story as an investigative operation and offer us to explore in depth information on the situations in this film. These shots forever linger in our memories and immerse us in multiple experiences, and the camera movement gives it a dramatically investigative rhythm.
          In this opening shot, the camera fades on the signboard with an inscription; ‘No Trespassing’ that symbolizes restriction for the viewers and through the inculcation of this shot Orson Welles is conveying things from the camera’s perspective; so as to make us feel like an investigator in this case. An investigator who goes into the field and peeps into the lives of others, and gains a corporeal or visceral for what life in a given content is like, and then writes or reports his experiences by utilizing the tools of ‘multiple visions’ on things that he has seen. As audiences being there “ calls for participation,” and “viewing here,” allows us for observation.
          This opening gives us a sense of what it is like for the investigator to be in a given situation, and how that situation alters like a result. This types and degrees of alteration created by such cinematic treatment define variations within the subject of this film. The camera is personified as a social actor who steps out from behind the cloak and participates in the event. The camera tilts from the signboard to the fence that makes us feel like climbing over this fence for trespassing. With the use of dissolves in editing; that is from the shots of one fence to another gives a sense of camera moving upwards till it reaches the...

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