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Civil War Essay

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The War Between the States

The two opposing sides to the Civil War were the union and the confederates. The Union soldiers represented the northern states while the confederates supported the south. The uniform color for the union was navy blue and the color of the southerners was gray.
The President of the northern union states was Abraham Lincoln. And the president of the southern states was Jeffery Davis.

The primary causes for the War Between the States are very straight forward.
The Northerners wanted freedom for the slaves and the southerners did not want to give up their slaves. Also one of the secondary causes was whether or not to permit slaves in the west. The south wanted slaves so that they can have a steady economy.   On the other hand the Quakers in the north believed that all men were created equal.

The death toll during the civil war was very high for both sides. It is estimated by historians that the Union lost close to 360,000 men during the war. While the south lost closer to 300,000 men. These deaths were not only caused by battle but also by disease.
One of the most gruesome battles was the wilderness. The death toll on the battle field was estimated at about 17,666.
Soon enough the winner of the war was decided and the union won the war. After the war was ended both Lincoln and Davis were shot and killed. Before Lincoln died he instituted The Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation declared that all southern slaves were to be set free. So even though he was assassinated we no longer have slaves thanks to Abraham Lincoln.

            During the war there were three amendments proposed. The three amendments that were proposed were the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifthteenth. The thirteenth amendment stated that no man should be enslaved involuntarily unless it suits his crime. The Fourteenth stated   that blacks had the right to own property just like a white man.   Last but not least the fifthteenth amendment...

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