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Class Stratisfication Essay

  • Submitted by: DaSqUeAkYOne
  • on December 12, 2008
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Class Stratification
Stratification is defined as the division of society based on class, and or lifestyle.   In society class depicts how people are perceived and treated.   The different types of classes are upper class, which are considered the wealthy Americans, the middle class which is broken down into the upper middle class and lower middle class.   There is the working class which according to Giddens, Duneier, and Appelbaum makes up about 20 percent of all American households (229).   There is also the lower class which makes up about 15 percent of all American households (229), and there is what some sociologists call the underclass which is also called “new urban poor”.   People from the upper class look down on people in lower classes and they think that they are better than them.  
The article, “Theories of Poverty and Anti-Poverty Programs in Community Development” by Ted K. Bradshaw discusses the issue of poverty.   It talks about different ways poverty is caused, and some of the suggestions that society came up with to try and solve them.   The article, “Are Those Leaving Welfare Better Off Now? Yes and No” by Leslie Kaufman talks about the pro’s and con’s of the new rules that were created for welfare.   The documentary “Roger and Me” by Michael Moore shows how Flint Michigan went from being at their ultimate high, to being at their ultimate low when GM plants started closing down.   The viewers had the opportunity to see how productive this plant was until it laid off its employees.   This showed the wealth or power the plant held.
The typical American stereotype is to be peace, no violence, for everyone to get along and be happy, and to lend a helping hand if needed.   However, that’s not how America is.   Society is made up of different classes that ultimately separates people.   People in upper classes frown upon people in classes lower than them such as the middle class, the poor, or the underclass.   Often the poor like the lower class, or the...

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