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Classification: Parenting Styles Essay

  • Submitted by: babiichris01
  • on December 15, 2008
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Classification: Parenting Styles
All parents have their own unique ideas on the right upbringing of children. Their parenting styles are a reflection of just that. Parenting styles are the way parents choose to raise their children. These ideas of how to raise children can generally be grouped into three main parenting styles: Authoritarian, permissive, and democratic/authoritative. Children are most beneficial from democratic parenting, learning to be responsible and being aware of consequences. The other parenting styles however, are not the greatest, and can create consequences for children socially and emotionally.  
The first style of parenting is authoritarian; in this style parents are usually extremely strict, and obedience is demanded. Authoritarian parents main focus is the child doing what they say, and not necessarily what the child wants. This style of parenting ultimately makes child passive, or leads them into a path of rebellion. Children of this style tend to have poor social skills, and very low esteem.
The second style is permissive, which recently has become very popular. Permissive parents practically let the children have control, giving them many choices. There is no punishment for bad behavior, because they choose not to get very involved. This style of parenting leads children to crave attention from their parents, because they feel unloved and neglected.
The last and best style of parenting is democratic. Democratic parents help children to be responsible, and think about the consequences of their behavior. Unlike authoritarian parents they give reasoning for their actions, and set reasonable expectations. Differing from permissive parents they get involved and set boundaries, with out being to strict. This type of parenting leads children to perform well socially, have high self esteem and do well in school.  
Parenting styles are the way parents act towards there child, in terms of affection and strictness. They ultimately...

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