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Clinton & Impeachment Essay

  • Submitted by: latinstyle
  • on December 16, 2008
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The framers of the Constitution initially, some thought the president should not even be impeachable—that he was elected every four years and there was no reason to remove him before the end of his term. If people didn’t like him they could just not reelect him. But then some people at the Constitutional Convention said: well, but what if the president bribes the electors to get into office, do we really have to wait four years to get rid of him. Or what if the country’s involved in war and the president gives secrets to the enemy? Do we really have to wait four years to get rid of him? And so people said well no, alright let’s put something that you can be impeached for treason or bribery. And then someone said: well, what if the president doesn’t do that but he just totally violates and undermines the constitutional system. And so one of the people at the Convention said: well, alright, maybe we should have an additional possibility that will impeach him for “maladministration.” And James Madison said: no, that’s a really dangerous term to use. It’s much too malleable, much to imprecise. And so then they came up with this treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. And so what we believe and I think an awful lot of people believe is that you have to interpret the phrase with that history in mind. And that treason and bribery are acts that really undermine the country and that other high crimes and misdemeanors have to refer to things that also undermine the country. I think actually most people believe that. Even the people who think what Clinton has done is impeachable don’t necessarily disagree with our standard. But speaking for the people who wrote the letter and who signed it, what we’re saying is: in order to be an impeachable offense it has to be a very high threshold. It should not be a partisan battle. It should not be a disagreement with the president over policies. It should be activity by the president that seriously damages the...

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