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Cloning Essay

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The Subject of Cloning in Modern Society

Cloning is a very touchy subject.   Some people are for the advancement of the science of genetics, but others feel it’s an infringement on our rights as human beings.   If the science of cloning became mainstream, and isn’t regulated, there’s no telling the damage it could do to the natural evolution of the human race as we know it.   Is the technology even there?   Well, according to most scientists in the field, yes it is.   It would be totally feasible to think that the cloning of humans is only a step away.   The problem lies in the politics and the ethics involved. This type of technology could create quite the stir in the public eye.   “But at the same time, trying to block one line of research could impede another and so reduce the chances of finding cures for ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, cancer and heart disease (Gibbs 271)”.   Cloning is   an extremely volatile subject; and with the enhancement of modern technology, it may just be closer than you think.
But apparently the process of cloning isn’t anywhere near perfected yet. So even if the technology was put forth for the public, there’s no guarantee it would even come out as expected.   “The risk lies not just with potential babies being deformed, as many animal clones; not just with desperate couples and caner patients and other potential “clients” whose hopes may be raised and hearts broken and life savings wiped out (Gibbs 271)”.   Thorough animal trials should be completed before attempts on humans are contemplated (MacDonald 313).   Another thing, just because a human is cloned, that doesn’t mean he/she are going to be the same person. Many things determine how a person comes out.   Along with his/her DNA, it has a lot to do with experiences, and the way they are raised.   So even if the clone has the same DNA there’s no guarantee they will end up being the same as the person who was cloned.   “You can’t expect the new baby will be exactly like ...

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