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Cloning Essay

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Cloning! Cloning! Cloning! Cloning is a serious process that causes a huge problem between people. Cloning is the process in which the nucleus (DNA) of a cell s replaced by a new nucleus (having a different DNA) in the same cell where it grows or develops into an organisms with different traits in order to produce an exactly same set of traits to the offspring which is called “cloning.” Teruhiko Wakayama, a Japanese biologist working at the university, announces the new news about cloning which stunned the world.

Wakayama made the first mouse clones. Like identical twins, the cloned mice contain the exact same genetic material (DNA), but the cloned mice were not all the same age. The fist clone of an adult animal a sheep named Dolly. Dolly and the mice were made of adult animals are differentiated, or specialized to perform specific functions. Cells that are differentiated cannot divide into the other cell types. Cells that are not differentiated are found in fetuses of undeveloped babies. Fetal cells exist in a primitive state that enables them to divide into many different types of cells that make up the whole body. Dolly and the mice were made of fetal cells. For example, DNA from the cells of a brown mouse is put into the empty egg cell of a black mouse. An embryo that develops from that cell is put into the womb of white mouse, where it becomes a brown mouse.

Nowadays, the mouse clones raised the possibility that cloned people may soon walk among us. As shown the sheep and mice studies had shown that most clones die before birth and that producing one living human clone might require sacrificing hundreds of human eggs and embryos, which is wrong.

On the other hand, cloning has its own advantages. Scientists see great benefits in cloning. First, advances in human cloning might help patients with damaged hearts, liver, or other organs get replacements. Doctors might be able to grow a new organ for a dying patient from one of his or her own...

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