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clumzilla Essay

  • Submitted by: idjhouhtw
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Eversince I had memory, I remember either falling from stairs, tripping out of nowhere or just embarrassing myself infront of the people I knew. I dont really wish for those things to happen, they just do. My friends know me as clumzilla because they have seen me do the the werdiest things ever.

Last halloween of 2007, i came to school dressed up as a construction man. I felt really embarrass but hey atleast I had the spirit. my friends and I had agreed to meet up afterschool to head to Alicia's house to get dressed. After we would go around trick-or-treating and scaring little kids. Everything seem set. School was awkward, teachers would always tell me to go up and show my custome for extracredit, I didnt need the extracredit but it didnt hurt , so I did. Everyone was staring and laughing at me, so embarrassing.

The worst part of bringing a costume to school was walking around campus during nutrition and lunch. Though its a good thing when you actually want to be seeing by everyone. School was over, thank God, we met after school in the cirlce.
Everyone was their, even the people that wernt suppose to be their. So we headed outside school to cross the street. I didnt suspect that something horrible and embarrassing was going to happen to right then.

We were crossing the street, and in order to get to the other side u need to go up a stair. Well I thought one of my left was already up , but the truth was that it wasnt it. It was actually on top of my other leg. not I didnt know dat so I tried to pick up my other leg and right when I did that a was about to fall. I was all tumbaling , I was trrified because I was still on the middle of the road, a car could just come and ran me over. The funny part was when this guy open his hands to grab just incase I fell, I was all screaming no I dont want to, and the guy was all like yeah c'mon. My friends instead of helping me, they were all laughing. Somehow Imanaged to balance my self and get on the sidewalk....

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  • Submitted by: idjhouhtw
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 434 words
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