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Coke And Rum Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Brianna Camacho
Mr. Pischke
English II
August 25, 2007
Coke and Rum
The dark Mexican opened the ice chest, and displayed the frozen shrimp and fish he had to offer. We were right up against the ocean, so this was the freshest they could possibly come. I looked down at my henna tattoo of a big butterfly on my ankle. It looked so real to me. I wished it could just stay on forever. My new heart shaped earrings dangled every time I turned my head. I was a walking billboard of all the goods that were being sold in the market place. I’d even gotten a denim Von Dutch hat and brown sunglasses, of course, not the real brand.
My family and I were in Mexico with another couple, John and Valerie. John was a tall, very thin man. He had shifty little blue eyes, and his wife was short and chubby. She had the biggest butt I’d ever seen. That night we’d planned to barbeque and relax on the balcony, enjoying each others company. One man grabbed my hand as I walked by and showed me some silver bracelets he was selling. As he looked at me, I tried to hide behind my sunglasses. He started talking about his girlfriend, how they broke up and how he wanted to marry a girl like me. His smile consisted of gold teeth and a large gap in between his two front teeth. I laughed and ran to my dad as fast as my skirt and flip-flops would allow me.
When we all got back to the condo, my parents put the shrimp on the grill. The hotel we stayed at had a huge pool with a bar in it, which was a few yards from the beach. The water in the pool was not very appealing. It had a lot of sand in it that had been brought over by people that had come straight from the beach. When I got out on the balcony John looked up at me, but the way he did made me feel uncomfortable and nervous.
“Brie, taste this,” my dad said. He handed me a beer, but just let me have a sip. He’s not the kind of dad that just hands his kid alcohol and lets her get wasted. It had a slice of lime on the top and salt around the...

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