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Cold War Tensions Essay

  • Submitted by: digga2284
  • on December 9, 2008
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Antuan Moore
HIST 1400
Essay Assignment 2

Question: “How did the Communist presence in Korea help to spread the tensions of the Cold War from Europe to Asia?”

Thesis:   President Harry Truman and the US felt that the Communist attack on the Republic of Korea was a direct act of aggression and a danger to the security of all free nations.

It has been said that the Cold War initially began in Europe when tensions broiled between Eastern and Western powers on what to do with Eastern Europe after WWII.   When the Nationalist regime in China was defeated by the Chinese Communists in 1949, the largest nation in the world was now under Communist control.   Truman felt the brute of the defeat because the US had troops over in China to help the Nationalists.   He was blamed for the US losing China to the Communists, even though the failure of the Chinese National Government was due to a lack of will and determination on the Chinese Nationalists behalf.   Truman felt the negative effects of having being blamed with helping the spread of Communism in China and he was more adamant ever on stopping the spread of Communism. Nine months later, Communist forces in North Korea attacked South Korea.
The situation in Korea plays a great role in noticing the differences between the United States and Soviet Unions views.   Japanese forces were in control of Korea before WWII.   At the end of WWII Korea was split into two nations, the dividing line was the 38th parallel.   The Soviet Union accepted the surrender of Japanese soldiers in Northern Korea, and the US accepted the surrender of Japanese soldiers in Southern Korea.   Some time later, the United Nations sought to make Korea a free and independent nation by holding an election.   The Soviet Communists, with views differing those of the United Nations Commission, did not permit the Commission to visit Northern Korea so the election was held in Southern Korea.
In August of 1948 the Republic of Korea was formed, but...

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