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College 5 Year Career Plan (Business Info. Systems)

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Hopefully, in five years I would have graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems (provider of technical support functions for computer applications and system users; troubleshoots problems and provides basic system maintenance functions), but to reach my goal there are a few things I must do. First, I have to change my major, which I currently Business Administration over to Business Information Systems. Secondly, I must take all of the proper courses and pass them in order to receive my degree. Finally, while I am in school I must do my best and look for job programs and internship that will be beneficial to my career after I graduate.
Internship and job program will be a major help and advantage when it comes to finding a job after college. Many people can get a degree in a specific field, but what most employers a looking for now is someone with work experience in that field. Having a internship or working in a job program of your field of study allows you to gain on the job experience in a real work setting. Currently, I am in the process of attaining a job with NASA in their “Student Career Stay in School Program”. This position will give me hands-on work experience in the Information Systems field, which will be useful to me in my future career plans.
When it comes to the career of my choice, the salary for an Information Systems Technicians is: $2889 - $3871 Monthly or $1333.34 - $1786.80 Bi-Weekly. Salary also depends on who you work for and, your knowledge and experience in your field. For most information systems jobs you are not required to have any certifications or licenses, but that can also vary based on the company that your are applying for.
Right after I graduated I do not plan to attend graduate school, because I dislike school enough as it is right now. Maybe in the future I will go back to school and work on a Master’s Degree in Information Systems, which will help benefit, my career even further....

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