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College Essay

  • Submitted by: chapinboy9
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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College Essay

Many adults that live in the United States and are married end up getting divorced. I remember May 12th 2009 like it was yesterday, just hearing my mom screaming and me going to see and end up seeing my father on my mother and I just remember his fists being swung at her. I pulled him of and my mom had the opportunity to run to the phone and call 911. My father was taken that morning at 3am by the police and was let go the next day but was charged with domestic violence. Before this incident, my parents were having many problems but this one topped it off. My mother was forced to get a restraining order and from there on they remained separated. To this day my mother has filed for divorce, and that continues to be in process.
My whole life before May 16th 2010 was a life of being scared. I lived being scared because I never knew if my Father was to come home and then I and my brother would have to sit through their fights. These fights of theirs were usually over economic problems or over past problems that occurred. But we had many good times, like trips to Guatemala, Six Flags, California, Florida, and El Salvador.   Another thing that caused many problems between my parents was the fact that each other’s family didn’t like the other person’s family. So my parents always had spats about the other person’s family and saying random things and complaining and blaming stuff on the other person which was completely irrelevant to the conversation and then they would drag me into it to.
It’s been a year and a half now since the incident and my life is pretty good right now. I live with my mom and see my Father every weekend. The only downfall is that I don’t really get along well with my mother at times or with my mother’s family. During this process my mom forced herself to work more to support my brother and I, and I learned to appreciate every little thing she does for us because she is what I call the perfect mother. The one lady I will love...

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