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College Essay

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Working for EF I see how important the english language is. Nearly all of these children have dreams of coming to the United States to have a life changing year and thankfully nearly all of the students on our program do. During their year here one of the student's top priorites is to improve their english speaking skills and it is the only thing they are judged on before, during and after their year abroad.
I love teaching and inspiring young people to value knowledge and analytical thinking. I know I will appreciate being a contributing member of our society and I will enjoy learning and meeting new challenges.

Growing up, I was constantly changing my mind as to what my profession was going to be after college. One week I would be a vetrentarian, the next an actress, a chiropractor or a speech pathologist.

I have been surrounded by educators my entire life. My mother has been in the special edication field for over 30 years and although I did not grow up watching my father teach, I knew it was where his heart truely belonged. Both my parents have affected my desire to teach, but in different ways. My mother for believing in my natural potential to teach and my father for teaching me the age old lesson that you should not do a job for the money that you make but from the value you can take out of it.

During my childhood the thought of teaching had never even crossed my mind, in fact, I considered anything but that. Luckily I had a little bird in my ear constantly pointing out how well I worked with chilrden and _________. It seems as I was going thorough the employment ads, my mother was spending most of her time waiting for me to realize what she had been telling me all along- I was really meant to be a teacher. However, like all children know; my mother was suggesting it so I had to disagree with her and then come up with it as my own idea when I became an adult.

My father's life did a complete 180 when he went back to teaching a few years...

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