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College Essay

  • Submitted by: cheryljane66
  • on February 28, 2011
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Garland Federation of Clubs
Scholarship Essay
Thomas P. Warren   Jr.

    Once I get into college, I plan to double major in psychology and sociology with a

minor in counseling.   I am very interested in the function of the human brain and

the behavior of different types of people.   I would like to acquire my masters degree

and eventually open my own practice.   The first thing I would be inclined to pursue

is give back to my community by offering my services to people in need of my

services, however are not able to afford the fees associated with this kind of treatment.   I

would involve myself with agencies geared to help the under-privileged.

      If I were to win this scholarship, it would give me the proper education I need to

make a difference in this world.   I do not want any limitations when it comes to my

education and this money would make sure that doesn’t happen.   My parents would do

everything they can to put me through college; however, I do not want this to be a burden

for them.   I have a sister attending college also and from what I have witnessed, it is

pretty expensive.   My parent’s income is not enough, therefore student’s loans will have

to come into play.   Money is the main reason why these opportunities are passed up and

neglected.   These funds are going to get me to pursue my education and achieve goals.

      I think   one of the best lessons I’ve learned is   that it’s okay to make a name for

yourself and become independent.   I learned that fears shouldn’t hold us back, however it

should give us determination to succeed.   I let my fear control me, but once I realized the

predicament I was in, I changed my mindset.   I no longer wanted to be a part of the

crowd.   I no longer wanted to settle for mediocrity or the norm.   I am now powerful

beyond measure.

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