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College pays off Essay

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Below is an essay on "College pays off" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

College Pays Off
          Time and time again Americans have tried to prove a college degree is not necessary in life for one to have financial stability, ease of job opportunities and to gain knowledge.   There have been many statistical studies performed to prove if a person attends college, he or she will open the door for a variety of opportunities in life.   Generally, an individual with a degree will most likely be paid a higher salary as a result of the large wealth of knowledge learned and for possessing the diploma.   A college degree most often offers financial success, greater knowledge and more job opportunities, and provides self-satisfaction, comfort, and fulfillment.
            It is a fact that a person who completes college will get a better job and a higher salary.   A person most often will lead to a better and less stressful life, if their financial status is less of a problem.   An individual who does not complete college will most often end up in a job that pays minimum wage.   Sometimes an individual may find a high paying position without a degree, but they end up almost breaking their backs or putting in an enormous amount of overtime to make ends meet.   By attending college, a person affords the opportunity to be a white collar work in lieu of a blue collar worker.   Also, he or she can be trained in a variety of areas expanding his or her knowledge base ensuring good careers throughout his or her future, affording higher pay for their skills and knowledge.
            Going to college generally ensures an open door to a vast amount of job opportunities.   A person with a college education might take a good job but determine it is just not fulfilling to him or her.   The college degree allows that person to seek a more fulfilling position due to the diploma earned and the knowledge gained.   When out of work or laid off, a person with a degree generally can find a job much easier compared to someone with only a high school diploma or GED....

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