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College Tuition Essay

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If there is major flaw with America, it is the rising cost of a college education.   There is no escaping the cost either, if one wants to make a decent living in America; they almost surely need a college education.   In a recent College Board study, people with a bachelor's degree earn over 60 percent more than those with only a high school diploma.   The costs are going to continue to rise until someone steps in and does something about it.   The average tuition for a public-four year college is up 6.4% from last year.   It is getting to the point where when students graduate from college they may be in up to 15,000 dollars in debt that is not acceptable.   There needs to be something done quick and I have the perfect solution.
First off, colleges need to do totally do away with out of state tuition fees.   The out of state tuition is nearly 60% higher than the in state tuition.   This severely restricts where a high school graduate can apply too, because most of the time an out of state tuition is unaffordable.   Especially the state‚Äôs biggest universities, they have the most drastic increase in tuition costs for the out of state kids.   Overall, big schools make enough money as it is, so there is no reason to jack up there tuition to an unreasonably high level.
Secondly, I would make it a requirement that all high schools students must take at least 10 hours of college credit before entering college.   This would cut down on the time that is spent in college, henceforth lowering the money spent on a college education.   I would implement more Advanced Placement programs in high schools, to the point where it would be common place for a student to have 15-20 hours entering college.   This may be difficult to do, but over time students will grow use to the new change and will be thankful it was made.
Thirdly, I would change the public opinion about two year community colleges.   Most Americans frown down upon a graduate attending a community college, but not now.   I...

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