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Colonial British Essay

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Tensions began to grow rapidly and the American colonies were becoming more opposed to the British and their King. Britain and the colonies slowly become more and more divided in the way they think and act, as shown when the British imperial polices were soon being established and enforced against the colonies will. Intensified resistance to the British rule made the colonies have more and more resentment with a want of independence to be separated from England. Although British made these imperial polices between 1763 and 1776 while the American colonies and Britain were ideally Father and Son nations, they had overstepped their boundaries as the father country and became monarchy based as they created new laws and enforced taxes and made restrictions and controlled the colonies as they pleased and that led to the colonies wanting independence.
Starting from 1763, the British already started implementing laws and making stricter rules for the colonies to follow which they didn’t one bit like. Taxation became an huge issue as British needed money to pay off their debts from the previous war so they passed the Sugar Act in 1764 and then the Stamp Act shortly afterwards. This taxed sugar, molasses, and paper goods which was a huge deal to the colonies that started getting them angry right away. The colonies first act of rebellion was the creation of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty and came up with the idea to tar and feather tax collectors while threatening their life. Trade even became tougher as the British started putting tax on pretty much everything especially tea with the Tea Act in 1773. Was this a tax? Hostility continued to grow as laws were being passed left and right and even created the Declaratory Act making the British seem like they can do whatever they wanted like a dictator. This started to create and enrage the patriotism in the colonist the soon turn against and create a revolution against Britain. More examples of protests?
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