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colonialism Essay

  • Submitted by: gblack
  • on December 9, 2008
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African Perspectives on Colonialism
The African perspective on colonialism has varied throughout the regions. Some people fought for it because of the dire need for change, whiles others opposed colonialism because of the cause and affects that would trail along with it. According to Merriam’s online Dictionary, Colonialism is the control by one power over a dependent area or people. This is also correlates with a dictatorship, which is a group in which absolute power is concentrated.
Colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to Africa. Colonialism brought peace to the 300 warring tribes of Africa. Colonialism for Africa meant more development than it had ever known before or after colonialism. Colonialists brought far more into Africa than took out of it. It is for that reason that most world empires easily let go of the continent, with only white settlers opposing black rule. The white settlers understood the destruction the end of colonialism would bring into their lives, but for Europeans, colonialism was a waste of money and resources.
Africa is the richest continent on Earth when it comes to natural resources. Parts of Africa have staggering fertility. The ground there is so fertile, the climate so wet and warm you can literally plant a stick anywhere and it will grow.
Africa made two mistakes expelling whites, and adopting Socialist type models. Colonists were creative and hard working. Their main contribution was the ability to organize and that is what brought prosperity to Africa. Communists, Marxist, socialists, leftists and liberals have adopted some Africans and most of these people believe in some form of government help and drive the Africans towards socialism. Unfortunately communism does not work anywhere in the world.
        The problem is that some blacks preferred the dreams of a socialist government giving them everything rather than working to improve their fate. Colonialism has shown a greater amount of improvement that...

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