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Com/140 Week 1 Dq 1 Essay

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A situation that I can recall someone trying to persuade me actually happened just a few months back. My daughters father and I are were looking into modeling agencies for our daughter. We ended up finding one that we both really like and agreed on. We went through the whole thing of taking her down there and answering their questions they had told us to call them the next day and they would tell us if they were going to accept her or not. So we called and they did accept her and then told us what we would have to pay up front and that there were jobs already lined up for her but that the final decision was ours. We talked to the other people that were there the same day as us and it turned out they had accepted everyone. I had also done some checking into the business with the better business bureau. The next day I had called the agency back and told them we decided not to do it. The agency started in right away with how its best to start them off young so they stay interested in modeling as they get older. Saying our daughter has the best opportunity right now and has jobs lined up for her already and that she would be missing out on a great opportunity. The argument was not at all effective because first of all my daughter was six months old at the time and we both knew that we would find an agency eventually who was not trying to scam people. Also since they didn't know for sure if we were going to go through their agency for sure I didn't see how they could have jobs lined up for her already. If we had not done some more checking into the company they would have been able to persuade us so I am glad that we checked deep into the company and decided not to do business with them.

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