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Coming Into My olwn Idenity Essay

  • Submitted by: nvaudkwkw925
  • on September 14, 2009
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A few Sundays ago my Pastor preached about what was in a name.   I came home and for days wondered what do people identify my name with?   How often does our past come back to haunt us?   I’ve not always tried live right but I always had a foundation from early in my life that God’s plan for me was my destiny.  
Often I fought off what I would hear him say to me.   I choose to either ignore it or just simply rebel against it.   Knowing that in the end I would find myself right where I am today, a woman of God trying to change an image that I created for myself.  
My Pastor asked a very important question.   When people hear your name, what do they think about?   It got my wondering.   I can remember not to long ago, I was witnessing to a young man about what God had brought me through.   He kept staring at me like I was crazy.   I asked him what was wrong.   He reminded me of my past, and asked how can you tell me of God’s love, how can I trust in him when I know where you came from,   Wow, what an eye opener that was for me.   So as the day went on I pondered the past remembering the days I lived in sin.   The days that I went to the club, cursed, drank, smoked, and even laid with a man.   Yes I’ve been there and I know I’m not alone.   Even through the backsliding and coming back time and time again.   Look at the imagine I created for myself.   But I now realize I’m going through a season a change, re-identification, being born again, and receiving a new name.
Receiving a new identity is for me and most of us as new Christians the most difficult of changes.   How many times people are just looking at us waiting for us to fai so they can remind us of our past.   Lord how I know this is true, because many times it gets thrown at you, ( So you’re a Christian, or you go to church?)   I struggles with this problem so much that I wanted to give up and just say what’s the use I cant change no matter how much I try to do right and live for God.   Society isn’t going to let me because of...

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